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– Tollie.

For over three decades, the Alabama Council for Technology in Education (ACTE) has been serving students, teachers, and administrators in Alabama.

The ACTE hosts a number of competitions throughout the state each year. These competitions serve their surrounding regions and allow students to qualify for the state-wide competition.

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What are the competitions like? What are the rules?

Each regional competition has a slightly different approach to best serve its community, but the basics are the same:

Students will build, program, film, produce, and engineer projects before the competition. Categories are very broad and allow for a wide-range of fun and exciting entries. Grades 3 through 12 compete.

In addition to the projects, there are two live competitions: the Information Technology test, a timed quiz that comprehensively tests knowledge of technology; and the Team Programming Challenge, a challenging timed test where students are presented problems that must be solved programmatically.

Overall, the ACTE Technology Competitions are fun, exciting, and extremely rewarding for everyone involved. I myself competed in the competition in the 90s, and it helped shape my life.

Ready to see more? Start by checking out the Decatur Regional Competition, and specifically the Decatur Guidebook, which includes some new categories and a new format that will be the general trend for the rest of the state.

– Tollie Williams